CFE Exam

Introducing KRP LLP’s successful Common Final Examination writers

CFE Exam

As a firm, KRP LLP has long been dedicated to providing you with the very best service, experience and expertise possible. Meeting that standard has meant working to enhance our strategic tax, accounting and assurance capabilities by recruiting and developing the best talent our industry has to offer. On that note, we’re proud to announce that four of our newest team members have passed the Common Final Examination, maintaining a longstanding 100-per cent exam success rate amongst our accounting team.

Congratulations go to:

  • Alex Goldman
  • Jeffrey Yang
  • Henry Dang
  • Pedro Ribeiro

Alex, Jeffrey, Henry and Pedro have demonstrated an incredible commitment to excellence and hard work since joining our firm. Their collaborative efforts have added a dynamic new element to the team. Specifically, they’ve proven a clear ability to deliver the kind of expertise that organizations need to achieve their full growth potential—particularly in times of economic uncertainty when both challenges and opportunities abound across industries.

We look forward to their contributions as we work together to help your business achieve success in the years ahead.

About the Common Final Examination

As CPA Canada notes on its website, “The Common Final Examination (CFE)  is a three-day examination requiring candidates to demonstrate depth and breadth of competency development in accordance with the CPA Competency Map.” The exam covers accounting fundamentals ranging from assurance and governance to finance, while also assessing the candidate’s analysis and decision-making skills. It is the final step in the process of achieving the Chartered Professional Accountant professional designation in Canada.

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Armando Iannuzzi and George Grignano, Co-Managing Partners