Strategic Consulting and Risk Management

Accelerating the growth of any mid-sized organization requires a deeper understanding of your industry and the prevailing market conditions that affect it.

Gleaning those insights takes a strategic approach that looks beyond the day-to-day concerns of business management.

It involves defining and mapping out clear business objectives. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the competition, enhanced by the latest predictive analysis and analytics tools as you determine where they may be headed next—and how your organization can get there first. That often involves a process of benchmarking, organizational transformation and process optimization; innovating to find new and better ways to deliver your products and services.

Our in-house tax, accounting and consulting teams have the expertise to help your organization implement effective go-to-market strategies. By leveraging our diverse and highly specialized experience across industries, we’ll help your team capitalize on opportunities and manage risks before they threaten your company’s growth. If those expansionary ambitions extend beyond Canada’s borders, our membership in the Russell Bedford International network will open the world to your company by providing access to localized accounting support on every continent.

Perhaps most importantly, we’re committed to continuous learning as we help to define your strategy for success. By asking the right questions at the right times, we’re engaged in an ongoing conversation designed to maximize your bottom-line performance. In that sense, we’re more than just an accounting firm. We’re a steadfast partner in all aspects of your growth and prosperity.

Our strategic consulting and risk management services include:

  • Growth strategy
  • Corporate structuring
  • Domestic, U.S. and international tax advisory
  • Governance review
  • Transaction advisory and due diligence
  • Risk management review and consulting
  • Legislative compliance advisory
  • Business succession planning
  • Business change and transformation
  • Operations assessment and optimization

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Having acted as our external auditors for more than 20 years, we trust KRP to deliver reliable service and outstanding results every time. Their partners and staff go above and beyond to provide the kind of innovative strategic financial advice we need to grow and succeed. We are proud to have KRP as our external auditors.

Suresh Tharma
Director of Finance, Aptus Treatment Centre

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