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We provide accounting, tax and strategic consulting support to a wide range of non-profit organizations

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In the non-profit sector, every dollar counts. Poor tax planning, the wrong corporate structure or unforeseen financial events—think sudden cash flow shortages—can derail an organization’s philanthropic goals in short order. Leaders of non-profit organizations are highly adept at maximizing funding and finding untold efficiencies, but they still need the right strategic advice in order to achieve their often ambitious goals.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise helping non-profit organizations achieve their growth objectives, while navigating the many financial complexities that can stifle their success. Our multi-disciplined tax, financial, assurance and consulting teams are committed to understanding your goals and helping to position your organization for success at every stage. We do it by providing flexible, scalable services and practical advice to address challenges and highlight opportunities as your firm expands and its business requirements evolve. Our in-house tax and accounting department is well-equipped to deliver a customized corporate structure that works for your organization, while optimizing financial and operational processes.

Our comprehensive service suite is designed to manage core requirements ranging from annual tax compliance and financial reporting, to strategic considerations such as growth planning and leveraging government programs and donation opportunities in a tax-compliant manner. For non-profits with global ambitions, our membership in the Russell Bedford International network opens the door to tax, legal and consulting advice in key markets around the world.

We work with:

  • Unions
  • Charities
  • Non-profits
  • Not-for-profits

Our advisory work for not-for-profits includes:

  • Domestic tax and compliance planning and management
  • U.S. and international tax advisory
  • Government programs advisory
  • Accounting and assurance
  • Strategic consulting and risk management
  • Organizational structuring
  • Regulatory compliance

Latest Insights

“As one of our member services, we refer accounting and auditing firms to car dealerships when needed. We have often recommended Kestenberg • Rabinowicz • Partners LLP because they are professional, prompt and extremely helpful, and are always available and willing to provide educational seminars when required. KRP also provide us with current updates and timely educational materials on tax and accounting changes that we need to understand. When I require any information along those lines, I know I can count on KRP.”

Ms. Belen T. Croutch
Director of Finance, Ontario/Toronto Automobile Dealers Associations

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As a proud member of the Russell Bedford International Network, our team has the insights and expertise to help your organization achieve its international expansion and export goals, while managing the many challenges of global growth. Let’s discuss a strategy to take your business beyond Canada’s borders.

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