Jie (Jenny) Lian


Jenny has been with KRP for more than a decade, having joined the firm shortly after graduating summa cum laude from York University in 2003.

As a new Canadian, Jenny commands the knowledge and personal experience to advise both new immigrants as well as companies exploring foreign investment. Before joining the firm, she gained six years of experience in commercial and residential real estate projects in Shanghai and throughout China. Jenny’s expertise has expanded to include professional services firms, non-profits, high tech, wholesale, retail, tourism agencies and investment companies. Her responsibilities include managing KRP’s IT infrastructure.

In recent years, Jenny has been invited by major banks to give seminars to Chinese immigrants on foreign investment properties. Since becoming a partner in 2009, Jenny has become increasingly involved in marketing and business development.

For Jenny, caring is not just a word, but rather an attitude she shares with both her clients and her fellow partners. Her work with the firm has given her the opportunity to pursue her passion for helping charitable organizations and social enterprises.

She hones her keen attention to detail through her hobbies, which include landscape and portrait photography. She also enjoys film, tennis and jogging.

Jenny obtained her CA designation in 2005. Before moving to Toronto, she studied Chinese linguistics at Nanjing University. Jenny also studied briefly in London, Ontario, where she first discovered her penchant for accounting. Jenny is a member of the Community Advisory Council of Wealth One Bank of Canada.

Jie (Jenny) Lian

BAS, CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois)

Jie Lian Professional Corporation

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“Our firm’s many years of experience allow us to assist our clients with their immediate concerns, as well as helping identify and resolve the underlying issues and opportunities of which they may not yet be aware. KRP’s broad-based business expertise provides clients with proactive advice to benefit their future performance.”