Cybersecurity risk is persistent and growing. For the sake of your company finances, pay attention

When I wrote last year about the risks posed by cybersecurity threats such as malware or ransomware, it was with an expectation that the situation might improve as risk awareness rose. But that hasn’t been the case. Quite the contrary, in fact. The reality is that cybersecurity risk is as great a threat to your […]

CRA audits: How to reduce the risk

If two of the nastier inevitabilities in life are death and taxes, then tax audits would certainly rank as one of the more unpleasant possibilities. More so when you consider that Canada Revenue Agency’s ability to monitor tax filings for inconsistencies and to detect patterns of potential error or fraud are only becoming more sophisticated […]

Did you know? Wire transfers carry a risk of theft

Entrepreneurs, did you know that the movement of funds through wire transfers is susceptible to theft? How the robbery takes place – It starts when a company receives an email from a supplier requesting funds to be transferred to another bank. This request appears to be unusual, which prompts the company to request a confirmation […]