How to position your firm (financially) to attract third-party investment

If there’s one goal shared by all investors, it’s the obvious desire for a substantial return on any investment they make. For entrepreneurs, investors are a lifeline of both funding and in some cases even insights and support (be it direct or indirect) in the drive to make their organizations a success. Many business owners […]

What entrepreneurs can learn from the Blue Jays

As the summer winds down, we’ve been treated to the usual mix of sun, warm weather and, hopefully for most of us, a week or two of vacation. We’ve also witnessed a rather unusual event—a competitive Toronto Blue Jays team that, at least according to the current divisional standings, is on pace to make the […]

How real estate deals could trigger serious tax liabilities

Investing in real estate can be a smart move for many entrepreneurs. Over the past decade or more, strategic real estate purchases—particularly on the residential front—have delivered returns on investment that, in some cases, have far exceeded those offered by equities and virtually all fixed-income savings vehicles. In hot markets such as Vancouver, Toronto—and until […]