Federal government housing plan

June tax news: The federal housing plan, CRA information demands–and more

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S HOUSING PLAN The Liberal government’s Budget of April 16, 2024 ( has committed billions of dollars to support building new housing, recognizing that the shortage of housing in Canada has become a serious crisis, and hoping to get almost 4 million new homes built over the next 7 years. Some of the measures proposed […]

Parliament Hill in Ottawa after Budget 2024 was delivered

Federal Budget 2024 raises capital gains inclusion rates, continues major deficit spending

The raft of ambitious new federal spending commitments in the lead up to Budget 2024 were designed to position the Trudeau government as being a step ahead of challenges such as affordability, the national housing shortage and Canada’s woeful economic productivity. Many of these announcements were also drafted to woo critical Generation Z and Millennial voters […]

Parliament Hill where 2023 Fall Economic Statement was delivered

2023 Fall Economic Statement runs counter to Ottawa’s claims of fiscal prudence

In the 2023 Fall Economic Statement  tabled yesterday, the federal government was keen to boast about maintaining its ‘fiscal anchor’—the budget guardrails that seek to limit spending and deficits. Yet its recent policy commitments suggest otherwise. With debt-servicing costs skyrocketing, the fiscal picture is anything but pleasant. While the 2023 Fall Economic Statement is light […]