CRA employs aggressive new laws designed to catch terrorists in crackdown on tax evaders

The days of the Canada Revenue Agency taking a kinder, gentler approach to its relations with taxpaying business owners are long gone. From employing sophisticated algorithms to tightening rules around its own Voluntary Disclosure Program, Ottawa has become accustomed to using increasingly aggressive tactics to collect overdue taxes and punish alleged tax cheats. In some […]

Want to protect your bottom line? Beware online banking

When it was first introduced, online banking was seen as a boon for small and medium-sized businesses. It saved business owners time, money and the stress of having to visit a bank branch to conduct transactions. For that matter, cloud-based accounting software-as-a-service products that allow entrepreneurs to manage billing, bookkeeping and account balancing from anywhere […]

Entrepreneurs on alert after new round of bogus CRA calls

The stream of fraudulent ‘Canada Revenue Agency’ (CRA) calls continues. After notifying entrepreneurs just last year about a spate of bogus phone solicitations and threats from callers purporting to be CRA representatives, it’s clear that the fraudsters are up to their old tricks again. Last week one of our clients received a call claiming to […]

Bogus CRA calls have entrepreneurs on edge

A recent spate of fraudulent calls has given some entrepreneurs reason to review their over-the-phone dealings with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Just yesterday, for example, a KRP client received a threatening call purportedly from CRA’s tax fraud investigation division. The telephone number provided by the individual was a legitimate-looking number with an Ottawa area code. […]