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Thoughts on global growth for Russell Bedford International’s Taking You Further Day

Thoughts on global growth for Russell Bedford International’s Taking You Further Day

What a year it’s been for the entire Russell Bedford International Network.

With ‘Taking You Further Day’ finally here—the event is the network’s annual celebration of the success of its membership and the organization as a whole—we wanted to reflect on Russell Bedford International’s signature achievements in 2019, while looking forward to what lies ahead. Most importantly, we wanted to highlight what KRP’s membership in the network means to our clients, whose accounting and business needs extend far beyond Canada’s borders.

First off, we need to recognize a couple of impressive accolades: Russell Bedford International was awarded the title of ‘Network of the Year’ at the International Accounting Bulletin Awards in London this past October. Network CEO Stephen Hamlet was also named ‘Personality of the Year’ for his leadership, contribution to addressing the most significant changes impacting the profession, as well as his ongoing efforts to grow the Russell Bedford International network and brand.

For those unfamiliar with the organization, Russell Bedford International was established in 1983. It’s a global network of independent firms of accountants, auditors, tax advisors and business consultants. The network is represented by some 700 partners, 6500 staff and 350 offices in 100 countries worldwide. Its reach is wide and rapidly expanding with several new firms joining every year.

In naming Russell Bedford International their network of the year, the judges underscored that significant momentum powering the brand: “This year’s winner raised and refreshed its profile and delivered growth. Not only did this network grow its revenue, but it also recruited new members in new territories outside its long-standing comfort zones.”

We’re pleased to also announce that KRP Partner Armando Iannuzzi is now a Russell Bedford International board member, bringing a new Canadian voice to the table whenever we gather with our colleagues from around the world to discuss burgeoning trends and new developments of interest both across our industry and to clients. Those diverse perspectives are crucial at a time of uncertainty, fast-paced change, risk—from trade issues to recessionary threats—and, of course, unprecedented opportunity. The latter is always a key focus of discussion, particularly here at KRP.

Just as globalization has continued to open the world to Canadian businesses, it’s also presented a new set of emerging opportunities for growth, innovation, extended competitiveness and creativity, perhaps unlike any we’ve ever seen. Our very membership in the Russell Bedford International network is intended to create pathways to global markets for your organization. By being able to tap the experience and diverse skill sets of our colleagues around the world—all while our internal team leverages its comprehensive expertise in cross-border accounting, finance, consulting and all other areas of importance to your organization—we can help realize your global business strategy in an effective way that helps you avoid the many potential pitfalls of overseas commerce.

The same holds true for companies seeking to expand into Canada. Every year we receive referrals from our network partners to organizations looking to establish operations in the Great White North. By collaborating with firms overseas, we can help foster new innovation in Canada, create connections for our existing clients and help the various parties develop dynamic new business opportunities along the way.

Our aim is to create the conditions for your success across the full business life cycle, whatever your ambitions may be. Global competition is too strong and the potential for growth out outside of Canada too great to pass up, at least for those entrepreneurs who choose to embrace that approach. For those who don’t, we’re still able to bring a unique perspective to their business dealings, one not offered by most mid-sized accounting firms. That means highlighting key trends, areas of concern and more. Being able to bring those insights to the table isn’t merely a way we deliver extra value to every engagement, it’s a commitment to going a step beyond that’s been the guiding principle behind our customer service experience for nearly 50 years.

So, while we celebrate a year of growth and success for Russell Bedford International on ‘Taking You Further Day,’ remember that this is ultimately a day dedicated to you and your organization. Without your entrepreneurial dynamism, your willingness to take smart risks and fearless embrace of commercial unknowns, we wouldn’t have any reason to bring you perspectives from abroad in the first place. You constantly inspire and remind us just how transformative your brand of unwavering entrepreneurial optimism and smart strategic maneuvering can be. In doing so, you take us further as professionals.

It’s a heartening message to keep in mind as a New Year—and a new decade—loom just around the corner. By looking beyond the obvious, exploring every corner of the globe and driving each other forward, we can achieve unimagined success.

Marshall Egelnick, Managing Partner  

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